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Open Sourcery

After the approaching patch, it could be a while before the next Creo update. This is for a few reasons. 

The first of which is that there are three updates left for the game before I submit Creo to Steam Greenlight. Two of these three updates include more content than this past update (which took me nearly three weeks during the summer, when I have the majority of days free), and the third of which includes multiplayer, which is shaping up to be more than a bargained for. In addition, do to my current living situation I only have access to a port-forwardable router on a week-on week-off basis. This will mean I will be working on different updates simultaneously, which will of course push back both dates.

Another reason, to which I hinted at earlier, is that school will take up a large portion of my time. I will have time outside of school to work on Creo, but I can’t be certain how much. It is for this reason that I am hesitant to set dates for updates.

The final reason is that I want and need to work on a few open source projects. Here they are:

    • A hate my current UI package. It’s clumsy and I basically had to rewrite every aspect of it before I kind of got it working. Thus, I will create the Game Maker Studio User Interface Library. I want this to be done right, so it will probably take a while. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post this will greatly simplify monolith code, and on the user side the process will be faster and easier. I’ve already started on this.
  • GM:S + Java Networking
    • Yah, I know I already have this working, but the code is rushed and a disaster. I also need support for data being sent in multiple packets to avoid hitting limits. This won’t take too long.
  • gmfxr
    • This is a port of a port of a port (or something like that) of sfxr. It would allow for on-the-fly sound creation in Game Maker: Studio. This is obviously imperative in a project like Creo, and this isn’t something that is already available to GM:S users. This will likely be the last of the projects I start on, because I have already made a significant effort and failed, leading me to dread starting again. The good news is this should also be the shortest of the three.



It is 2:16 AM as a type this. I have just finished implementing fog. Fog has taken me, in total, 20-25 hours to implement. This includes creating and tweaking a variety of systems. In the end, I went with a shader that uses Fractal Brownian Motion to procedurally generate cloud-like shapes on the GPU.


Fucking fog.

I spent all that time on something players will likely notice after playing for a while, at which point their brains will flag fog as irrelivant and they will never notice it again.

Fucking fog.

I was debating whether to tag this is an official dev update or a personal one.

After 20 hours its fucking personal.

New update (development edition, no release yet) arrives tomorrow. I’ll make a GIF then.

Schedule and Delay

Ok. After two and a half weeks of development I’ve made, and I’ll be brutally honest with myself, very little progress. There are three reasons for this. Two of them are decent excuses, but none of them excuse my lack of planning.

The last two weeks (starting August 1st) I’ve been working Monday-Thursday from 8:00 to 5:30 and Friday 8:00 to 12:30. This is in addition to running practice, which is 5:45 to 7:30 right after work every weekday and early in the morning for two hours Saturday. This leaves me with my work break (2 hours midday) and after cross country practice to get stuff done. I guess in my head I figured I would have had more time. I’m usually exhausted and don’t feel at all like programming, but in the last few days I’ve had more and more success. I’ll have a week and a half completely free before going back to school.

This, of course, left the weekends. My first weekend I spent working on tool and weapon creation UI. I’d like to have been more productive, but was thwarted by reason number three. This past weekend, I was pretty ill. I couldn’t focus on anything, which lended itself to…

Hurtworld. This game has held my attention for a couple hundred hours and has frequently been the antagonist to my attempts at productivity on Creo. I’m not proud of that, but I’ve been cutting down on playtime since this past weekend.

Things are better now. I’m writing this from work and currently spend nearly all my time at the computer working on Creo. I hope to have A Very Large Update out Sunday. I’ll also add those of you who have applied since the last update, and hope that the enthusiasm you had weeks ago hasn’t yet melted away. Anyways, that’s all.


Spring Break/New Thing

I thought I already had some sort of development blog but I appear to have lost it. Instead I’ll just make a new one here on Tumblr. Anyways, 126 builds and nearly two years after I started making this game, a hobby has turned into a future Steam Greenlight contender. I recently worked with Elias Frost who drew some fantastic tiles and materials. Beyond implementing his graphics, however, I haven’t done much else as its been a very busy week in terms of school. I’m also away until Thursday, March 16th so I won’t be able to get back into programming until then. The good news is that I will have until Monday of next week free to work on Creo (as well as a website I’ve been working on as a hobby) which means I should be able to get it into the Bugs and Beautification update (R11) before school starts back up. Until then enjoy these beautiful screenshots without that ugly white box with a red P that is the player for now:


Also, the only reason I’m writing this is so I can test the embedding of a Tumblr blog.


I can but it looks like shit. I’ll just use a full screen iframe.