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Fun Multiplayer Things:

Crafters and storage (known fondly as Block Inventory Crafters [BIC] and Block Inventory Storage [BIS]) are now working in multiplayer, though testing has been limited. Also, if you haven’t already seen, no picture today. Really, because this update (like the vast majority of these multiplayer focused update) didn’t really add much to the game. Hopefully I’ll get a GIF of some play testing up for the next one.



I’ll be tying up some loose ends before I move on to mobs and world generation respectively. This includes things like quests, buffs, damage/exp and hit detection (among other things). I’ll also take another look at the broken liquid system and get that up to release standards. Sadly, it looks like this extension that I so eagerly waited for won’t be making it into Creo (for now) because porting the extension to Java (which I would need to do for game servers) would be a monumental challenge. In addition, much of the strong performance of the system stems from running code on the GPU, something most lower tier VPSs lack. For now, I’ll stick with something like this.


Next Release:

As I mentioned, I just have to tie up some loose ends and then implement mobs and world generation, both of which will probably take less time than crafters and storage. A release could arrive next weekend.