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Starting Multiplayer:

The first orders of business for this development version were some unexpected additions for GMxJN:

  • To integrate the ability for multi-server communication. This allows for the client to communicate with both the game server and the master server.
  • To add functionality for inter-Java-server communication. This allows for communication between the game server and master server.

My primary accomplishment with the new game server was to give the master server a way to index them and later send them over to the client. While I briefly considered a Minecraft-style fend-for-yourself approach to users finding servers, I decided to opt for the Valve-style centralized index of user game servers. Each server carries with it a customization name, three customization tags, and a 16×16 logo. The master server also tracks the players and max players. Client-side, the index looks like a more advanced version of the single player map selection menu. The menu allows for ascending and descending sorting by max players or players, as well as searches for tags or names. This degree of indexing was possible thanks to the servers being stored in an Apache Derby database server-side.

Closing Remarks:

Now that I’ve missed my mid-December goal by a long shot, I want to go without any specific goals for a while. That being said, I won’t be getting lazy. I want to work on Creo with most of my free time. I’d be lying if I said Overwatch (an early holiday gift) wasn’t a driving factor in my recent slacking, but as I come back from vacation I intend to curb the time I spend playing it. Speaking of holiday and vacations, I will be away from my computer until early January. The good news, however, is that all of my college applications will be submitted by about-then as well, meaning I will have that weight lifted off of my shoulders.


So, About Mid-December…

While I still could meet this master deadline, I’ve failed the Flora and Fauna Part 2 update deadline by two weeks (should be out within a day of writing this post). I greatly underestimated the process of adding all of the back ends for ores, trees, mobs and more. I ended up rewriting the entire server to use the GMxJN framework that I made. Speaking of GMxJN:

Open Sourcery:

A long overdue update-

  • GMxJN
    • I just want to fix some bugs, make a tutorial and add a couple more features.
  • gmfxer
    • I paid a guy to do it. I got other shit to do.
    • On hold.

In Summation:

I crucially underestimated the business of school and the tediousness of some of this stuff I’m working on. A new release should (at least I hope so for my future self) be out tomorrow.


Quest Creation UI:

Done. (Edit: “-ish”)

Mobs Giving Quests:


Flora X Fauna Part 2:

Finishing up, hoping to get it out by Monday. I’ve been victim to some dead-weight productivity loss recently, so it is turning into a larger struggle than anticipated.

Bug Fixes:

ALL CHUNK LOADING ERRORS ARE FIXED. That is something I’ve wanted to type since October of 2014. I also fixed some other bugs, but I forgot what they were.


Mob Customization:

Finally I find myself implementing a mechanism at a faster pace than I expected! It has been hard finding the time/motivation to work on mob customization UI (something that I expected would take a long time), but the process is not as challenging as I thought it would be. The drawing code was essentially a mix of the drawing code for structures and items, with support for animations. Considering I expected this to take me a week, I’m feeling pretty good. The rest of the UI has been going well. As I write this, I am about 2/3 of the way done with it. The reason I decided to split into another development version is because I didn’t feel like GM:S crashing on me and taking all my new code with it (something that, in YYG’s defence, has only happened twice in something like 3000 hours). Should be getting the mob creation UI wrapped up today.

Monday, December 19th, 2016:

…is when I hope to have Creo on Steam Greenlight. There are a few main reasons for this:

  1. I work better with a deadline, and with how well things have been going lately I think with a small ratcheting up of the heat I can certainly meet it.
  2. This is a few days before my winter break from high school starts. This means I could hopefully get a good number of my classmates with Steam accounts to vote it up.
  3. What do people do a lot over the holidays? Spend time with family? Well, maybe while they are waiting for the next Dota 2 match to start! I found this data online (from 2014 mind you) of top 10 concurrent Steam users count. Notice that all of them are over the most recent holiday break. My theory is that more Steam users will equate to more up votes. And who wants to be a Negative Nancy over the holidays?:
    1. 1 /5 /2014 – 7,806,604
    2. 12 /29 /2013


    3. 1 /2 /2014


    4. 1 /1 /2014


    5. 1 /4 /2014


    6. 12 /30 /2013


    7. 1 /3 /2014


    8. 12 /26 /2013


    9. 12 /28 /2013


    10. 12 /27 /2013


  4. This will allows me to focus on midterm exams, which are mid to late January (basically a week or two after break ends).

Flora X Fauna Part II

To maintain the current schedule I have created for myself, a new release will be arriving next Monday, November 14th (”November what year XDDDD”). I like Mondays because it allows me to work through the weekend and have a bit of an extra day to do the administrative stuff that comes with a new release (an assload).


And here we are, with the last devlog in what I call the “well shit, I haven’t made a devlog in over a month I should probably do that so I can look back and laugh at where I was a year from now” series. Lets begin, shall we?

User Created Structures:

I created the user interface for designing structures. This will make creating the mob UI a lot easier, because the new drawing system supports different widths and heights (other than 16) which would have been impossible under the previous system.

The Road to a Release:

Its going to be a long and tiring one, but here is what I would need to push out a release

If I finished this stuff I could release The Friendly Update:

  • Game Maker and Java Networking (GMxJN) finished (its mostly finished)
  • Multiplayer (yep, just one step… one long, tedious, painful step)
  • Rewrite master server

If I finished this stuff I could release Flora X Fauna Part 2:

  • Mob riding fixes
  • Weapon charge/cooldown
  • Undergound structure spawning
  • Quest creation UI
  • Mob creation UI
  • Tree, ore, structure, mob and quest saving and server-side
  • Sappling blocks
  • And if this asset is released…
    • Integration of asset
    • Bucket overhaul
    • Liquid block overhaul

So, in summation, it could be a while.


Flight in “God mode” finally works now. This was an addition of today and the rest of this post will focus on additions made during D159. Just something to keep me away.


Custom ores have been introduced, with a variety of customizable properties. I decided to switch from a blob system to a worm-like algorithm which should give users some more control. It should also produce some better-looking caves. As with trees, all in game ores have been converted to this system.


An unrelated GIF to spice up an otherwise boring devlog.


In this update, I introduced a client-side interface for user created trees. Inputs include min and max width and height, leaf to trunk ratio, and 6 constants to control the shape of the trunk and leaves.

I also rewrote the function for creating tree blockmaps and converted the classic (yes, I’m calling it classic) Creo oak tree over to the new system. Once the new update goes live (water, mobs, quests and permissions, are the big things left as of 10/21/16) users should see a lot more variance in tree shapes.