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R16 (D156)

New release! The Pixel Perfect Update Includes:

Lots (I hesitate to say all, but it appears like it) of bugs from A Very Large Update have been fixed

Large graphical changes

No video, because this update is pretty small. I’ll upload screenshots tomorrow, I promise.


See? Sometimes I do go back and add stuff I say I’m gonna add!


Updated GMC Topic Screenshots:


R15 (D154)

A Very Large Update

Has arrived (although not as in large of a fashion as I had intended). I had to knock a few things off the checklist to regain some sanity.

Things in the update:

  • Custom tool types
  • Custom tools
  • Custom weapons
  • Better/stylized background
  • Custom crafters
  • Custom storage
  • Locked slots
  • Items now appear in the players hand
  • Swinging animation
  • Fog
  • Celestial bodies
  • An overhauled power system

A video showcase:


See yah next time!


R11 (D129)

Bugs and beautification is out. The Game Maker Community has been going through an update for the past two weeks (I’m starting to wonder if it will ever come back) so I don’t have my usual forum topic to update. Here is the download link if you’re interested. The latest release can be found in the folder marked latest.