Anotha one. I’m on the back end of this Creo devlog double header, and since I wrote War and Peace 2 for the last one, I’ll try and keep this one brief. I had a lot of fun this version (sarcasm), because I was privileged enough to port all player movement and collision code from GM:S over to Java. This was just as frustrating, boring and tedious as it sounds. The good news is that most of this code also applies to mobs and pickups, so implementing the latter should come pretty soon. It was cool to be able to move one player in one client instance and see that player move in another open window.

GMxJN Fast Tracking

I figured that I would soon run into a problem with GMxJN. It was designed for HTTP-like messages where the objective was to transfer the packet in the safest way possible as opposed to the fastest. Using this same protocol for player movements yielding hilariously laggy movement. The solution is simple: adding a fast track for some packets. This should reduce laggy movement by about 60%.

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