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And here we are, with the last devlog in what I call the “well shit, I haven’t made a devlog in over a month I should probably do that so I can look back and laugh at where I was a year from now” series. Lets begin, shall we?

User Created Structures:

I created the user interface for designing structures. This will make creating the mob UI a lot easier, because the new drawing system supports different widths and heights (other than 16) which would have been impossible under the previous system.

The Road to a Release:

Its going to be a long and tiring one, but here is what I would need to push out a release

If I finished this stuff I could release The Friendly Update:

  • Game Maker and Java Networking (GMxJN) finished (its mostly finished)
  • Multiplayer (yep, just one step… one long, tedious, painful step)
  • Rewrite master server

If I finished this stuff I could release Flora X Fauna Part 2:

  • Mob riding fixes
  • Weapon charge/cooldown
  • Undergound structure spawning
  • Quest creation UI
  • Mob creation UI
  • Tree, ore, structure, mob and quest saving and server-side
  • Sappling blocks
  • And if this asset is released…
    • Integration of asset
    • Bucket overhaul
    • Liquid block overhaul

So, in summation, it could be a while.


Flight in “God mode” finally works now. This was an addition of today and the rest of this post will focus on additions made during D159. Just something to keep me away.


Custom ores have been introduced, with a variety of customizable properties. I decided to switch from a blob system to a worm-like algorithm which should give users some more control. It should also produce some better-looking caves. As with trees, all in game ores have been converted to this system.


An unrelated GIF to spice up an otherwise boring devlog.


In this update, I introduced a client-side interface for user created trees. Inputs include min and max width and height, leaf to trunk ratio, and 6 constants to control the shape of the trunk and leaves.

I also rewrote the function for creating tree blockmaps and converted the classic (yes, I’m calling it classic) Creo oak tree over to the new system. Once the new update goes live (water, mobs, quests and permissions, are the big things left as of 10/21/16) users should see a lot more variance in tree shapes.



Sorry that it’s been so long. I’ve been very busy with school and college applications. Now that I’ve just gotten out of a very busy month I’ve been working on Creo a bit more. I’ll be trying to catch up on the devlogs, releasing a new one every day for the next 4-5 days. That being said…


While this change probably won’t be noticed at this stage of development, it is a huge systemic upgrade that will be desperately needed going forward. All custom resources are stored in managers (IM is the “item manager”, aim the “AI manager”, etc). These resources are referenced for resource properties and are added when new data comes in from the server. This created a system that looked like this:

The problem in this system was that biomes, structures, etc spawns were begin chosen at random from their respective managers. That meant that searching for biome with “snow” in the title during flower creation would greatly increase the chance of biomes with “snow” in the title spawning. What’s more, the same biomes, ores, trees, etc would be spawning in all of the users’ worlds.

To solve this problem, I added a new method of organizing called “pools”. As the name suggests, pools contain a list of all entities that could spawn in the world. Items are only added to the pools during world generation, at which time there is a chance for requests are sent to the server for random entities. What’s more, each world has its own pool which, with a more diversified array of user-created entities, could foster totally different experiences. The diagram would now look like this:


Oh boy, was this change a long time coming! The pickup-saving system has been rewritten from the ground up. Now pickups which have stopped moving can return to motion when a block beneath them is destroyed. Magic!