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R16 (D156)

New release! The Pixel Perfect Update Includes:

Lots (I hesitate to say all, but it appears like it) of bugs from A Very Large Update have been fixed

Large graphical changes

No video, because this update is pretty small. I’ll upload screenshots tomorrow, I promise.


See? Sometimes I do go back and add stuff I say I’m gonna add!


Updated GMC Topic Screenshots:



“Yes, I’d like to exclude the background and foreground from being shaded with darkness.”
“So to do that, I need to make sure everything is drawn at integer pixel coordinates with proper scaling.”
“So to do that, I need to write my own rendering.”
“Now none of my UI works.”

The latter half of the update consisted of dealing manually with the application surface and the resulting fallout of that decision (there was a lot).

The former half included monolith-related bug fixes.

I’ve sent out an email to my artist regarding some new sprites introduced in the previous update (I won’t say its name because then I’d have to break out the large font). I’ll introduce a few more visual changes while the sprites are in production. When they are finished, I will push out the next release: The Pixel Perfect Update. I’ll also work on some open source stuff relating to Creo, as well as The Friendly Update and the Flora X Fauna P.II (all simultaneously because sanity is overrated). Speaking of open source stuff…

Updates on Projects Mentioned in Open Sourcery:

    • I’m working with the developer of an alternate UI package to see if his will be right for Creo. I have a very high standard, but also very tired fingers. I’ll see what happens.
  • GM:S + Java Networking:
    • Starting today.
  • gmfxr:
    • No.

Progress on these projects as well as Creo will be slow, as I have just begun school. This will have a HUGE impact on development.

Help me weekends. You’re my only hope…