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Apart from some minor bug-fixing that I’m leaving until tomorrow morning, the Buff Stuff update has been completed. In this development version I added support for timed buffs, buffs gained from foods and buffs gained from standing on blocks. I also added support for checking the properties of all blocks colliding with the player, and not just the first one the game finds. This allowed me to better the code for determining block speed and block buffs.

D139… v2?


Honest officer! I was just testing out player-buffing consumables!

But I’ll talk about those a little later. In this update I overhauled the buff system, and also added buff-support to the monolith. Users can choose 3 different active-types: passive (just have it in your inventory), equipped (in any of the 3 slots in the top right), and active (in the selected slot). Buffs are for movement speed, break speed, regeneration, damage absorption and increased damage. For each buff, there is also a matching debuff. As you can see in the image, I also added a buff display, with the color matching the strength of the buff (same color progression as power system).

I also added food creation to the monolith, which required an entire two text boxes.

Today (the day after I worked on the stuff I just mentioned) I’m working on foods that can give buffs when eaten, and blocks that give buffs when walked on/swam in. Due to the beginning of the week being cut short with bug fixing and general stuff, I’ve choose to lend the focus of this weekend’s release to buffing. Maybe I’ll call it “Buff Stuff”?


I have no idea why there are two D139s.