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Haha looks like I forgot this one. Anyways, basically I added the ability to split stacks based on what digit is pressed (ex. pressing 8 gives you 1/8 of the stack) as you can see in the gif for D35.

Still one of the best features I ever added. I wish all inventory systems worked like this, instead of having to split a stack X number of times and combine it with another stack split X number of times.


I did two major things here: fixed up the lighting engine and created a system for tracking the biome and height of each column of blocks. Both of these were a long time coming.

The lighting engine now contains two different surfaces, one for shadows and one for light. Using some blend mode magic I can draw the time-dependent darkness, add the shadow surface and subtract the light surface. This allows for smoother day-night transitions. The separation of the shadow surface and light surface also allows for a more round shaped light.

While the second change is not as noticeable, it is necessary for the flower, bush and mob spawning system. Now every column of blocks is able to have its own data such as its biome and height. This also allowed me to put text at the top of the screen with the name of the biome or name of the current interface.

Because of these two important changes, the first closed alpha release R12, which previously matched D138, now matches D139.

A Monolithic Feature

Ha! See what I did there?

I’ve been very busy recently getting Creo ready for closed alpha, which is now upon us. This has left me with quite the back log of development posts.

Anyways, the monolith is the client side, in game, user interfacable mechanism for user content, the backbone of Creo. Eventually, this will allow the user to create biomes, mobs, crafters sounds and more that will effect gameplay for every user. Right now, the monolith only allows for the user to create materials and blocks. For all items, users can choose a name, class (a system that will soon be overhauled), type and stack size. The user can also draw the item. For blocks, the player is also able to set flower spawning, mob spawning, health, fenceness, scalability, luminescence and speed (the liquidity and sapping options do nothing at the time). The player also sets what tools can break the blocks and what items and experience the block drops.

Before any of that, however, the player is given the option to set the recipes that create the item. The player also has a slider that they can use to set the power_ _of the item. The maximum value of this slider is the minimum of the sum of powers of inputs in a recipe minus the sum of powers of outputs in a recipe divided by the number of custom items in the output minus the number of custom items in the input, or the maximum power of 10,000 if no recipes have been created (reflected in the equation shown below [please excuse lapses in mathematical syntax]).


The player can then set the slider to anything below the maximum, because two powerful items creating a crappy item doesn’t result in an imbalance. Of course, the recipe creation system is meant to include custom crafters, not just the standard combiner.

Now that we’re in closed alpha, I’m excited to see what people come up with.

P.S: Yes I know I will get a lot of dicks. I did a small scale testing session with a friend that resulted in a rainbow one.


In these development versions I finished up monolith front ends and back ends. In the next post I’d like to talk in a little more depth about the monolith and what it does. It’s been a while since I posted an update because the monolith backend was a little more than I was anticipating and I worked all last week and am working all of this week at an intense summer job. The game maker community forum has returned, which I had the odds of happening at about 50/50. If you want to see my profile, you can find it here [link pending until I get to my computer]. I hope to start a Creo topic this weekend, when closed alpha begins. That’s right! The remainder of the artwork is in production right now, and unless that proves to be more than I bargained for closed alpha will begin this weekend. In addition to this, I need to clean up the experience system, adjust mob spawning (so it’s easier to get experience and expand the island), move the server from my computer to a Linux VPS (Java and Apache Derby/Java DB should run the same across platforms, otherwise I will have a nightmare), add custom key bindings and assess the power (strength) of game items which ties into the monolith in a way I will soon explain. So yeah, in addition to those things above I need to set up some closed alpha infrastructure: instructional videos, web forms, etc. I’m very excited to get some people playing! Hope to see you there.