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Monolith UI.

I guess I should write more…

Updates will be vague for a little while during my work on the monolith. The block being a monolith could completely change upon release, I just wanted something that would inspire people to be creative and I remembered the part in 2001: A Space Odyssey when the monkey is inspired by the monolith to use a bone as humanity’s first tool.


I foresee, however, that I will have trouble conveying the size of the monolith in a 16×16 px block (1×1 m approximately).


Today I started work on the master server in java. I will eventually move it to a VPS but for now I am running it in eclipse on my own machine. I embedded Java DB (Apache Derby) into the server and created the user account system that will be in place at least through the upcoming closed alpha. Then I basically copied and pasted the new world UI, changed a few things and soon enough I had a login UI.

R11 (D129)

Bugs and beautification is out. The Game Maker Community has been going through an update for the past two weeks (I’m starting to wonder if it will ever come back) so I don’t have my usual forum topic to update. Here is the download link if you’re interested. The latest release can be found in the folder marked latest.