Creo is not you grandmother's 2D sandbox game. Inspired by the vast modding communities of open world games like Terraria and Minecraft, user generated content is at the core of Creo. Players can create their own blocks, materials, tools, foods, weapons, crafters, storage, saplings, structures, trees, mobs, quests, biomes, ores, bushes and more! Upon the start of each new world, players are thrust onto a small, floating island surrounded by other, similar islands.

In many ways, Creo is like other 2D sandbox games. With the powerful tools in the hands of the players, it is easy to think that the resources made by some of these players could be out of control. However, with a review system and a system for auto-balancing system, the strength and caliber of these resources are kept in check.

I spent the last three years working on Creo on and off because it was my passion project. My goal was to replicate the satisfaction that I find in making games and deliver that to those who find satisfaction in playing games. I conceived of what I felt to be my perfect game and got to work on it.

I'm excited to see what you all can create.

Closed Alpha

For a few reasons I have decided to have a closed alpha and limit testing to 50 players.

If you would like to apply, visit this web page and fill out the short form. I will add users 10 at a time or upon the next server wipe (whichever comes first), so it could be up to a week before you get added, but I will send you a detailed email when you do. I add users in batches because currently, every time I want to add users, the database of user created items will be wiped. I imagine this will happen quite frequently though, because even small updates to how items are balance could massively effect every item in the game and will require a full reset.

I look forward to seeing what you all create.

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